UNHCR opens new refugee camp in North-Kivu

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has opened a new camp in Buhimba, six kilometers west of Goma, the administrative city of the province of North-Kivu, in a bid to ease congestion in several makeshift camps established in the region of Mugunga.
A release from the UNHCR obtained by PANA in Kinshasa on Tuesday said the first group of 500 people were transferred last weekend from Ndosho, where about 1,000 people live in appalling conditions, to the new Buhimba camp which covers some 28 hectares.
The Buhimba camp, which has decent basic facilities, particularly safe water and sanitary conditions, can accommodate more than 10,000 people.
The UNHCR noted that more than 370,000 people had been wandering outside their homes in the province of North-Kivu since December last year because of insecurity caused by the war in the region.
The Buhimba camp is the second after Bulengo to be opened by the UNHCR in addition to makeshift camps set up in the bushes of North-Kivu.

23 october 2007 19:25:00

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