UNFPA gives Congo 5.6 million condoms

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The representative of the UN Fund for the Population (UNFPA) in Congo, David Lawson, on Thursday presented the National Council of t h e Fight against HIV/AIDS (CNLS) ith 5.
6 million male and female condoms.
The donation is part of the implementation of the protocol of agreement signed i n 2005 between the UNFPA and the CNLS to enhance the fight against HIV/AIDS in C o ngo.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Lawson praised the Congolese authorities for paying attention to the promotion of the use of condoms as a way to prevent H IV/AIDS.
He pleaded to strengthen of the relationship between his organisation and the Co ngolese health authorities to enhance reproductive health and the prevention of H IV/AIDS.
"The UNFPA is working closely with the other UN agencies and the Congolese healt h authorities to reduce the rate of prevalence of HIV that is estimated at 4.
1 p e r cent,"said Lawson.

12 november 2009 15:17:00

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