UNESCO slates roundtables for Durban racism conference

Paris- France (PANA) -- Ahead of the racism conference opening in Durban on Friday, UNESCO has announced it would at the forum organise three roundtables focusing on new forms of discrimination, notably those linked to genetic progress, the consequences of the slave trade and the role of the media in the fight against racism.
In a statement Tuesday, the UN agency said new forms of cultural racism and threats of new forms of eugenics and discrimination linked to genetic progress would be examined.
Another theme, "Slave Route: Slavery and Racism," would highlight the causes and consequences of Slave Trade as well as the ideological and legal foundation that nurtured the trade, including the link between Racism and Slavery.
Also envisaged for discussion are "The Rights of the Child and Education," and "Racism and the Role of the Media," to be jointly organised by UNESCO and the UNHCHR.
In the latter case, the role of the media in the complex question of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia would come into focus.
A UNESCO exhibition at the Durban conference would highlight activities undertaken by the organisation in the fight against racism and discrimination, the statement noted.

28 august 2001 14:47:00

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