UNESCO official urges Africa to fight racism, discrimination

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) – A senior official of the U-N Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Wednesday urged African leaders to formulate strategies and policies to fight racism and discrimination in their cities.
Pierre Sane, UNESCO Assistant Director General for Social and Human Sciences, said racism and discrimination in Africa have taken root across major cities and urged city mayors and the continent's leadership to lead in its eradication.
Addressing hundreds of participants attending the fourth Africities Summit in Nairobi, where a coalition against racism and discrimination was launched, Sane said ethnic violence in Africa continued to be a major challenge.
"It's sad to say in Africa ethnic backgrounds lead to racism and discrimination.
This has hindered the continent's development in the fight against discrimination, a vice that needs total devotion to eliminate," Sane told the delegates.
UNESCO in collaboration with African countries has been promoting equality among all people despite age and gender and advocates f Meanwhile, UNESCO has urged rights groups to continue to fight discrimination against victims of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, saying their acceptance in the society was critical.
Sane said the human rights activist must stand and defend the rights of infected persons and create room for victims to be re- accepted by the society.

20 september 2006 10:55:00

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