UNDP helps rebuild Burundi's war-torn communities

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The UN Development Programme is working with the Burundi government in support of reconstruction efforts to benefit 50,000 people in six communities affected by conflict, the UN body said Tuesday.
The 605,000 US dollar initiative, carried out in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council, will rebuild a health centre, primary schools, water supply systems and homes in Ngozi Province in the northern part of the country, it added in a press release.
The project will improve living conditions and help reduce poverty among the most deprived members of the communities, particularly 400 families without homes, the UNDP said.
It added that the UNDP is providing 445,000 dollars for the year-long project.
Resources contributed by the NRC and the local communities are valued at 160,000 dollars, it said.
The NRC, a civil society organisation, has worked in Burundi since 1996, focusing aid for construction and rehabilitation of housing and community infrastructure, supply of potable water and education.
The rebuilding efforts will make tangible improvements in peoples' lives.
Children will gain access to schooling and families living near schools will be able to use water points at the schools supplying clean water.
The restored clinic will provide sorely needed health services.
When funding was recently authorised for the project, Pascal Nkurunziza, minister for resettlement of displaced populations, and Georg H.
Charpentier, UNDP Resident Representative, both saluted the collaboration between Burundi and UNDP in this and other areas.
The initiative is part of a wider UNDP programme helping communities in Burundi make the transition from conflict-related emergencies to long-term development.

08 may 2001 14:20:00

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