UNAIDS to test Chinese HIV/AIDS 'cure drug'

Lusaka- Zambia (PANA) -- The UN HIV/AIDS umbrella body, UNAIDS, is to arrange for the scientific testing of an AIDS cure drug now being tried in Zambia by a Chinese medical doctor.
Zambian media quotes UNAIDS resident representative, Kenneth Ofusu-Barko, as saying that arrangements are being made for the testing of the Chinese drug known as 'Tian Immunity Booster.
' Dr Ofusu-Barko says there will also be a scientific analysis of the drug that was developed by Dr Tian Shengxun who claims it is able to cure symptoms of HIV/AIDS.
Tian created a stir at the last OAU heads of state summit in Lusaka when he told UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan that he had developed an effective cure for the dreaded HIV/AIDS.
But the Chinese scientist insisted that authorities were ignoring the drug, which he claimed had produced wonderful results in Zambia among HIV/AIDS patients.
Annan, after listening to the claim, instructed UNAIDS executive director, Peter Piot, to take up the matter and find out the truth about the claimed medical break-through.
"I know this is too good to be true.
People used to think the world was flat before they proved it was actually round.
The whole world is blocking me.
UNAIDS and WHO (World Health Organisation) must listen.
Should people continue to die when I have a cure?" the Sunday Times of Zambia quotes Tian as saying.
But Ofusu-Barko maintains there is no cure yet for the AIDS disease.
"We have not closed his case.
We want to give him guidance, as there is a big scientific flaw in the way he is doing things.
But he is ready to listen," Ofusu-Barko said of Tian's sentiments.
Richard Sakala, who is chairman for the government national committee on natural remedies for HIV/AIDS says 10 patients will be prepared for clinical testing on 'Tian Immunity Booster' once it is scientifically tested.
He says the technical committee is already undertaking more scientific research on the Chinese drug to establish its efficacy and once results turn out to be positive and good then more patients will be connected to the drug to establish further its curative powers.

29 july 2001 11:33:00

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