UNAMID expresses concern about humanitarian situation

New York- US (PANA) -- The UN/AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) on Thursday expressed concern about the humanitarian situation at Korma area of north Darfur State in western Sudan.
â?UNAMID remains concerned over the impact of recent clashes on civilians and the humanitarian situations there," UNAMID spokesperson Noureddine Mezni said in a statement made available to the Pan Afri can News Agency (PANA) in New York.
It stated that clashes had been witnessed between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) since the weekend.
â?UNAMID mandate is to protect civilians and ensure delivery of humanitarian assistance to the needy," Mezni noted.
He added that the UNAMID on Thursday sent a team to the Korma area to assess the situation there, adding â?we still do not have enough information about what has happened in Kormaâ?.
â?It is very important that we visit the area to assess the situation,â? the UNAMID spokesman said, adding â?we have been ready to go there since last Friday and we were waiting for the approval of the government and the rebel movementsâ?.
Mezni also renewed the call by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on all parties to cease hostilities and ensure safety of civilians in the Darfur Region, reiterating that a lasting solution to the Darfur conflict would not be reached but through political means.
The rebel SLM has accused the Sudanese government of attacking their positions at Korma and Jabel Marra .
These accusations came ahead of forthcoming talks between Khartoum and the Darfur rebels, scheduled to be held in Qatari capital of Doha by the end of October.
However, the governor of the North Darfur State Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir on Thursday denied continuation of battles between SAF and the SLM at Korma area, saying the army entered the area as part of its routine operations to expand the base of the safe areas before the return of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) to these areas.

24 september 2009 23:42:00

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