UNAMID condemns killing of WFP driver in Darfur

El Fasher- Sudan (PANA) -- UNAMID Sunday reacted to the murder of Mohammed Makki El Rasheed, a truck driver working for United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) , stating that it was "deeply shocked and profoundly disturbed" by the "cold-bloo d ed murder.
" Makki's killers also injured a security guard accompanying him after he had retu rned to repair his vehicle that had broken down between North and South Darfur w h ile on a police-escorted WFP convoy carrying food relief on 21 April.
UNAMID expressed deep saddness and outrag and strongly condemned such attacks on humanitarian aid workers and convoys and urged all parties concerned to join it in calling for an immediate end to such attacks.
The mission also urged the local authorities to bring the perpetrators to justic e.
"This brutal murder, the second of its kind in two months, came when UNAMID and the international community are extremely concerned by the deteriorating banditr y situation that led to the recent WFP announcement of cutting down the monthly r a tion in Darfur," a UNAMID press communiqué said.
UNAMID has repeatedly called on the parties to the Darfur conflict to do everyth ing in their power to ensure the safe passage of relief supplies to the Darfuria n people affected by the conflict, in order to help alleviate their suffering.
Criminality and banditry in Darfur have resulted in the hijack of sixty WFP cont racted trucks and six passenger vehicles since the beginning of the year; with 3 9 trucks still missing, 26 drivers unaccounted for and two drivers killed.
The bandits have also stolen a total of 709 metric tons of food.
The UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, on its part, reporte d a total of 113 hijackings of humanitarian vehicles (including WFP contracted v e hicles), ten attacks on convoys and 46 armed assaults against humanitarian and U N compounds.
Seven humanitarian staff members have been killed (including two WFP contract dr ivers) and eight injured.
There are almost 14,000 humanitarian workers currently in Darfur.

27 april 2008 18:43:00

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