UNAMID chief heads to Doha for Darfur peace talks

New York- US (PANA) -- UN/AU Joint Special Representative in Darfur, Prof.
Ibrahi m Gambari, is heading for Doha, the Qatari capital, to support the latest round o f peace talks between the government of Sudan and Darfur rebel groups, a UN stat e ment said on Tuesday.
The statement, which was made available to the Pan African News Agency (PANA), s tated that Gambari was expected to meet with Joint Chief Mediator Djibril Bassol e , members of the Qatari Foreign Ministry, senior Sudanese government officials a n d rebel officials.
It said that the the planned discussions would also dwell on Sudanese-Chadian re lations, as well as regional security.
Doha has become the host city of peace talks between the Sudanese government and rebel movements of Darfur, with the latest peace talks beginning there on 24 Ja n uary.
PANA recalls that four days after the re-launch of the Doha talks, Gambari urged the Sudanese government and Darfur rebel groups to make concessions to help ach i eve peace in Darfur.
Both sides have continued to send key players to Doha on the Darfur peace proces s after several postponements since their last meeting in May 2009.
But neither Khartoum nor the rebel groups seemed ready for face-to-face talks as expected, turning to separate consultations with the mediators instead.
UNAMID took over the peacekeeping mission in Darfur from the African Union Missi on in Sudan (AMIS) on 31 December, 2007.
This year, the mission is expected to conclude its deployment, to bring the tota l number of its peacekeepers to 26,000 military, police and civilian personnel.
Meanwhile, PANA learnt that Chadian President Idriss Deby, on Tuesday urged rebe ls in the restive western Sudanese region of Darfur to abandon violence, saying t hat the peace talks currently underway in Doha, Qatar, were the ideal platform t o resolving the Darfur conflicts.
Deby made the call in Khartoum at a gathering of Sudanese politicians and repres entatives of the Chadian community in Sudan.
The Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir was also with the Chadian president during the meeting.
A statement issued by UNAMID quoted Deby as noting that ``the Darfur crisis can not be resolved through military ways, and I urgently call on the armed men in D a rfur to stop the hostilities''.
He also asked the Sudanese government to exercise ``sufficient flexibility'' in the peace negotiations, saying that ``the Doha track, which is supported by Chad without any reservation, is the most suitable choice for realising peace in the r egion''.

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