UN report says deadly violence persists in Darfur

New York- US (PANA) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a new report that deadly fighting between communities in Sudan's Darfur region is persisting.
The report, which was given to PANA in New York on Saturday, said the 2 Septembe r attack by an unidentified group of armed men reportedly dressed in military-st y le uniforms on a market in the village of Tabarat reportedly killed 40 people an d injured 35 others.
It stated that about 3,000 people fled to a neighbouring village following the i ncident.
"This and other violence in the Kalma and Hamadiya camps for internally displace d persons (IDPs), is iindicative of the continuing fragility of the security sit u ation,â? Ban wrote in his latest report to the UN Security Council on the joint UN-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).
He condemned the â?heinousâ? Tabarat attack and welcome the Sudanese governmen tâ?s efforts to investigate, prosecute and punish the perpetrators, noting that, "clashes between government and rebel forces have destabilized some areas of Da r fur, caused new displacements and impeded the delivery of humanitarian aid.
"I call on all belligerents to cease hostilities and join the peace process for the sake of the people they claim to represent,â? the Secretary-General said.
He warned that the prevalence of small arms, competition over land and tension a t water points are among the many reasons inter-communal clashes will continue.
According to him: "Unless the government disarms militias, enhances law and orde r by addressing impunity, invests in development and resolves competing land cla i ms, such fighting is likely to continue and could even become the primary source of insecurity and instability in Darfur.
" Ban, however said there was "encouraging signsâ? shown by the Sudanese governme ntâ?s new strategy for achieving peace in Darfur, which will be supplemented by a US$1.
9 billion planned investment for the regionâ?s socio-economic development .
"The peace process must be inclusive and broad-based to be successful.
"But the leaders of two key groups â" the Abdul Wahid faction of the Sudan Libe ration Army (SLA-Abdul Wahid) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) â" con tinue to refrain from taking part in the peace talks," he said.
He also noted that, "the government has not yet shown a willingness to make suff iciently attractive concessions to these parties, preventing negotiations from b e ing inclusive.
â?I therefore urge all the parties to enter into negotiations in good faith wit hout delay and I call upon those member states that have influence over them to s trongly encourage them to do so,â? the secretary-general said.
"Only a comprehensive and inclusive negotiated political settlement can bring ab out a credible cessation of hostilities and address the root causes of conflict i n Darfur," he added.
The report will be discussed at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday.
UNAMID was established by the UN Security Council in 2007 to protect civilians i n Darfur, where an estimated 300,000 people have been killed and another 2.
7 mil l ion forced from their homes since violence erupted in 2003.

23 october 2010 18:26:00

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