UN regional peace centre launches research programme

Lome- Togo (PANA) -- The UN Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa based in Lome on Monday launched its first research programme devoted to peace, security and disarmament in the continent.
The objective of the programme is to strengthen African capacities in the prevention, management and settlement of conflicts.
It also aims to bolster the process of restoring peace on the continent.
Germany granted 25,000 euro to finance the bursary programme.
7 millions F CFA (1 dollar = 700 F CFA).
Only the theses of Rose Mpisi from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Anne Kamau of Kenya and Terry Crawford-Browne of South Africa were accepted out of the 30 submitted.
Mpisi's thesis was on " The enhancement of the civil society to solve conflicts in Africa" while Kamau wrote on "Disarmament: another name for development.
" Crawford-Browne researched on "the socio-economic benefits of the demilitarisation of South Africa.
" Explaining the programme's long-term goals, the UN centre's director general Richard Fung said his institution wants civil societies to be involved in the prevention of conflicts instead of limiting this role to governments.
"Research institutions will from now on be part of this process," he added.
On his part, the German ambassador to Togo, Dieter Papenfuss, said that his government provided funds for the programme so as to increase Africa's contribution to international development.
He expressed the hope that such programmes would help in reducing ongoing conflicts currently affecting 42 sub Saharan African states augmenting poverty and undermining development efforts.

08 مايو 2001 21:30:00

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