UN officials decry Guinean raids into Sierra Leone

Kambia- Sierra Leone (PANA) -- UN spokesperson in Sierra Leone Margett Novicki has confirmed reports that Guinean military forces Friday bombarded an area a few kilometres away from the Rokupr disarmament centre in the northern Kambia district.
She said the bombardment came soon after a delegation of UN, government, RUF and the militiamen left Rokupr to witness another disarmament at Kabatha in the Port Loko district.
However, UN Military Observers in Sierra Leone said there were no casualties in the incident even though the raid interrupted the disarmament in Kabatha.
Novicki said they had officially informed the Guinean government of their visit to the area, hence wondered what led the Guineans to undertake "such a dangerous act.
" She said the UN Mission in Sierra Leone was investigating the matter, and would issue a statement later.

19 may 2001 16:21:00

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