UN official meets Bangui authorities on Congo crisis

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- The UN Secretary General's Special Representative to DR Congo, Kamel Morjane, has met with authorities in Bangui to discuss co-operation between the UN Mission in Congo and the Central African Republic government, a MONUC official said.
MONUC, which has a base in Bangui, has uneasy relations with the CAR government, which survived a 28 May coup attempt.
At his press briefing Wednesday, MONUC spokesman Hamadoun Toure also touched on the UN-facilitated mini-Summit, involving Presidents Joseph Kabila of Congo and Paul Kagame of Rwanda, on the fringe of the just-ended OAU Summit in Lusaka, Zambia.
"For Ambassador Kamel Morjane who attended the 'last part' of that face-to-face meeting, .
(it) has enabled the two Heads of State to reaffirm their commitment to the Lusaka peace accord," Toure said.
He revealed that the two leaders agreed to exchange views as often as possible to facilitate the Congo peace process.
Toure also announced that the warring parties in DR Congo have agreed in principle for the setting up of a four-party Commission (Government, MONUC, RCD/Goma and PLC) to work out details for resumption of navigation on the Congo River.
He said that MONUC's first humanitarian vessel would set sail from Kinshasa at the end of July for Kisangani, Congo's main town in the eastern province, currently under rebel control.

12 july 2001 21:16:00

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