UN envoy pledges to ensure free elections in Sudan

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- The United Nations is committed to the delivery of free and fair elections in the Sudan, which would prepare the country for the eventu a l return to democracy after years of civil war in the South.
UN Special envoy to Sudan Ashraf Qazi said on Thursday the UN was “seeing the po ssibilities of a free and fair election in the Sudan in 2010 following the postp o nement of the polls.
“Following the National Elections Commission (NEC) release of a revised time-fra me for the elections to be held in April 2010, the UN Special Representative, Qa z i, observed that the new timetable provided more time for voter registration, tr a ining of staff, civic and voter education.
He said the development of the budget and mobilization of international assistan ce were essential to help ensure a credible electoral process in Sudan.
Sudan is preparing for the elections in April, 2010 to help put in place a group of democratically-elected officials in the north and the South as dictated in a 2005 north-south peace agreement between the former rival Sudanese groups, now s h aring power in a unity government.
The UN envoy acknowledged that organizing the elections required extensive plann ing and resources, and reaffirmed that it was a UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS’) man d ate to support the NEC with its preparations for credible elections, including t h e provision of technical assistance and advice.
“I urge all Sudanese parties to demonstrate their full commitment to the democra tic transition and to the electoral process,” Mr Qazi stated.
To that end, UNMIS stands ready to assist the NEC in its effort to deliver trans parent, free and fair elections within the revised time-frame, he said.

02 july 2009 19:16:00

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