UN condemns Sudan air bombing in Darfur

New York- US (PANA) -- The United Nations has called for an end to hostilities in the Darfur region of Sudan after the government launched airstrikes Thursday.
In a statement issued Friday at its headquarters, UN quoted Secretary-General Ba n Ki-moon as saying that "military violence would not bring peace to the war-rav a ged Darfur.
" It stated: "ongoing violence between government forces and the rebel militants h as resulted in an estimated 300,000 deaths and the displacement of millions of c i vilians.
" The organisation said it learnt that on Thursday, the Sudanese government launch ed an aerial bombing campaign and ground offensive targeting militiamen in the s o uthern Muhajeria region of Darfur.
The statement noted that Ban had called on the Sudanese government and rebel lea ders to end the military aggression.
"Military action is not a viable solution to ending the conflict in Darfur and c an only result in the unwarranted death and suffering of the civilian population of Sudan,'' he said.
"Such actions are in violation of both UN Security Council resolutions and relev ant agreements,'' he pointed out.

17 january 2009 08:22:00

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