UN chief to convene MDG summit

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said Sunday he would convene a special summit in September to examine progress made in meeting Millennium Development Goals (MDG), particul arly in the developing world.
Addressing an African Union (AU) summit here, the UN boss said the global financ ial crisis had reversed nations' progress in meeting MDG targets, especially weaker countries.
"The global recession, the energy crisis, food insecurity, climate change - all these have made development more difficult, yet more urgent," Ban Ki-moon said.
"We have made great strides towards the Millennium Development Goals.
But there is not much time to the 2015 deadline, and still much distance to travel," he said.
He said the special summit, to be held in New York on the sidelines of the UN Ge neral Assembly meeting, will look at various ways to bring the MDG battle back on track.
"We have seen a sharp decrease in malaria and measles deaths across the continen t - vital gains in primary school enrolment - marked improvements in child health.
We must build on these successes and help spread them around the world," he said.
Ban said among the areas that would be examined would be boosting employment, es pecially in the agriculture sector.
"The most important employment sector remains agriculture, with more than half o f the workforce.
Africa's smallholder farmers can achieve a green revolution.
Crop yields can double, or more when farmers have access to the fertiliser, seed , and irrigation they need," he said.
The UN boss said he supported Africa's peace-making efforts, and pledged to help the continent consolidate peace and security.
"I commend the leaders of Africa for designating 2010 as the year of peace and s ecurity.
I pledge the full support of the United Nations.
We are proud to back t h e African Union as it fulfills its potential as a strategic and operational partne r," he said.

31 يناير 2010 10:28:00

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