UN chief greets Mandela at 91

New York- US (PANA) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Friday commended former S outh African President Nelson Mandela for his commitment to democracy, peace and human dignity.
Ban's commendation was contained in a statement to celebrate Mandela's 91st birt hday, which comes up on Saturday.
He stated: "Nelson Mandela is a living embodiment of the highest values of the U nited Nations.
" He also noted that, "Mandela's commitment to a democratic, multi-racial South Af rica, his steadfast pursuit of justice and his willingness to reconcile with tho s e who persecuted him are hallmarks of a remarkable man.
" The secretary-general praised Mandela for his engagement in the fight against AI DS, which had broken new grounds against its stigmatisation.
"Above all, he has shown the difference one person can make in the face of injus tice, conflict, poverty and disease,'' Ban added.
The UN chief, who wished Mandela a happy 91st birthday, said: "we all continue t o benefit from his wisdom, his good works and good humour for many years to come ' '.

17 july 2009 18:35:00

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