UN-backed Global Fund treats 1.5 million PLWHA

New York- UN (PANA) -- The UN-backed Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced on Friday that about 1.
5 million people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) had received anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment through programmes it supported.
The figure, the Fund said, doubled that of last year.
"Progress has also been made in the fight against tuberculosis, the leading cause of death among those infected with HIV with over 3.
3 million people treated with effective drugs through schemes receiving the Fund's support," it said in a statement in New York.
Regarding malaria, the Fund stated earlier this week that programmes it supported had delivered 46 million bed nets, up from 18 million last year, to families at risk.
"These results are the living proof that Global Fund investments are working,'' the Fund's Board Chairman, Rajat Gupta, said.
"These positive figures should be an incentive to all donors, partners and the many health professionals working in the field to continue to bring the fight against the three diseases to a new level in the years to come,'' Gupta noted.
The Fund said along with the U.
President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, it financed most major AIDS treatment and prevention initiatives in developing countries.
" Earlier this month at a meeting in China, the Fund's Board approved funding for 73 new grants totaling 1.
1 billion dollars over two years, bringing the total to 9.
8 billion dollars for over 520 programmes in 136 countries.

30 november 2007 20:11:00

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