UN agency charges Mozambique on resources to fight HIV/AIDS

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- Mozambique should be able to absorb and make good us e of the existing financial resources allocated for the fight against HIV/AIDS, i f these activities are to be sustainable.
The representative of the United Nations programme against AIDS (UNAIDS) in the country, Mauricio Cysne, told the Mozambican news agency, AIM, the country had a n enormous challenge to face -- to increase, with its own means, the resources to respond to the concerns created by HIV/AIDS.
He said this resulted from findings that funds made available at global level we re not enough, which may jeopardise the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.
Cysne argued that, for instance, only US$ 10 billion was made available globally last year for the fight against AIDS, compared with the US$ 19 billion needed.
"The partners of UNAIDS did not grant the money needed at world level to respond to the challenges of prevention and treatment," he said.
Looking at this reality, countries such as Mozambique should develop a capacity to make use of the available resources and, in the long term, generate their own to respond to the situation, Cysne suggested.
He stressed that it was inconceivable that antiretroviral treatment in Mozambiqu e covered only 38 per cent of those in need of it.
Cysne said "Sustainability of resources allocated to Mozambique to respond to th e HIV/AIDS pandemic is the challenge the country is currently facing.
"In the long term, the challenge is to increase these resources by the country's own means.
" Asked whether Mozambique was failing in HIV/AIDS prevention, Cysne said the resu lts from treatment were more visible than those from prevention.
"Effects on prevention are less palpable than on treatment, where we can see peo ple improving their physical aspect.
Results from prevention take more time to b e visible and it is not easy to measure them," he explained.
Mozambique is among the ten countries most affected by the pandemic, with an HIV prevalence rate estimated at 16 per cent among those aged between 15 and 49.
Of the estimated 1.
6 million Mozambicans living with the HIV virus, about 300,00 0 need antiretroviral treatment, but only 100,000 are currently benefiting.

07 july 2008 18:07:00

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