UN: WHO official says no "quick fix" for Ebola

New York, US (PANA) - A top Ebola specialist at the World Health Organisation, Dr. Martin
Friende on Friday warned that there is no quick fix for the Ebola virus and it could take
until late next year before a solution is found.

A WHO statement obtained by PANA in New York, quoted Dr. Friende as saying that
vaccine tests were under way and that drug testing was vital, but noted that not a lot
of the currently available drugs gave reason for optimism.

The WHO specialist also said that there were only a handful of available drug trial
sites in the three West African countries affected by the disease.

He explained that one drug given to Ebola sufferers - Lamivudine - does not have
any effect, and the other more readily available drugs, including Favipiravir,
Toremifine and Interferons have a limited effect on Ebola treatment.

"What is certain is that we do not have actually a lot of drugs in our pipeline that
look promising, so we have established a working group that will be reviewing
drugs on an ongoing basis and trying to find some supportive data.

He added that while some drugs in development appear to be effective
against Ebola in animal trials, they are just not available yet in significant

WHO's statement followed an announcement by the humanitarian medical group,
Doctors Without Borders, that testing on potential anti-Ebola drugs will begin
in coming weeks in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

WHO said that Ebola has so far claimed more than 5,000 victims in West Africa,
while the real death toll is believed to be three times higher.
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14 november 2014 18:21:47

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