UN: UN envoy applauds successes, progress in Somalia

New York, US (PANA) - UN Special Representative for Somalia and head of the UN Assistance
Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), Mr. Nicholas Kay on Monday lauded the progress made in the
Horn of Africa country amid military and political gains on the ground and a successful
partnership between international and national stakeholders.

Briefing UN reporters in New York, after a meeting with the UN Security Council
members, Mr. Kay, said that "the situation in the country remains a distinctive bright spot
on the Security Council’s agenda as the nation continues down its road towards political
recovery and increased security."

"Why is it coming together and why is it being successful?" the envoy asked. "Because it is firstly a Somali-led and owned process and the result of a unique partnership between the African Union, UN, and the Federal Government."

Mr. Kay said that "the gains on the ground against Al-Shabaab - the Islamist
extremist group that has waged a long-standing terrorist campaign against
Somalia’s government, underscores the successes of a cohesive military operation
which formed merely one component in a comprehensive approach."

The envoy recalled that in a recent briefing to the Security Council in May, he
told members that momentum had been regained on efforts to achieve political
progress in the country.

He pointed to work by federal, regional and local leaders, and parliamentarians
to build a State through dialogue and reconciliation, and top-level commitment
to deliver Somalia's Vision 2016 plan.

PANA reports that Mr. Kay's briefing followed a meeting at the UN Security
Council Chambers, in which the UN envoy and Council members discussed the
steps on how to enhance the African Union Mission in Somalia’s (AMISOM)
military campaign against Al-Shabaab as the operation enters its final stage in
rooting out the terrorists.
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