UN: UN Somalia envoy condemns latest terrorist attack in Mogadishu

New York, US (PANA) -  UN Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission in
Somalia (UNSOM) Nicholas Kay has condemned in the "strongest terms" Wednesday's Al-Shabaab terrorist attack against a convoy from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the capital of Mogadishu, resulting in a number of casualties.

"I condemn Wednesday's appalling attack against innocent civilians and dedicated international officials who are providing critical peace-building and State building support to Somalia," Mr. Kay said in a statement .

"The attack is an attempt to deter and undermine those from the international
community working with Somalis to build a better Somalia, and these terrorists will not achieve that objective."

He extended his sincere condolences to the family and friends of all those who have suffered,
as well as to the government of the UAE, and reiterated the UN’s "unfaltering commitment to
fighting the scourge of terrorism."

PANA in New York recalled that, in a briefing at the UN Security Council last month, Mr. Kay
said that momentum had been regained on efforts to achieve political progress in the country,
pointing to work by federal, regional and local leaders, and parliamentarians to build a State
through dialogue and reconciliation, and top-level commitment to deliver Somalia's Vision
2016 plan.

He, however, said that "there is still a long way to go", adding that "with so much at stake
between now and 2016, we can expect Al-Shabaab to do everything it can to derail the
political process."
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24 june 2015 18:11:00

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