UN: UN Security Council urges sustained democratic governance in Somalia

New York, US (PANA) - Welcoming political and security progress in Somalia since 2012, including the recently concluded elections in the country, the UN Security Council has stressed the need to maintain the momentum towards democratic governance in the African nation.

In a Statement adopted on Friday in New York, the 15-member Council also hailed the increased representation of women in the Upper House and the House of the People and underscored the important contribution of women to Somalia's peacebuilding and State-building processes.

The Council also congratulated President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed 'Farmajo' and paid tribute to tribute to former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for his service and commended the swift and gracious transfer of power in Somalia.

It also underscored the importance of timely and transparent appointment of ministers and the cabinet, in consultation with the Somali Parliament, and called on the on the Parliament and all federal and provincial leaders to cooperate fully with the Federal Government in driving forward reform and addressing immediate priorities without delay.

It emphasized the need to accelerate agreement between the federal and regional authorities on a federal security sector architecture as well as the importance of good faith cooperation between the authorities to speed up the country's peacebuilding and State-building process.

The Council also called on the international community and Somalia's partners to step up their support to efforts to build and strengthen the country's national institutions, governance structures and socio-economic infrastructure.

It further urged the Federal Government to promote a comprehensive reconciliation process that brings about local, regional, and national cohesion and integration in a climate of respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to establish an effective federal political system.

Also in the statement, the Council recognized that the coming months would be an important period for Somalia, and said that it would to follow progress closely, and reaffirmed its support for peace, stability and development in Somalia.

The new President, known as 'Farmajo', was declared the winner on Wednesday after two rounds of voting by the Somali Parliament in the capital, Mogadishu.

The runner-up, incumbent President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, chose to withdraw from a third and final round.
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