UN: UN, partners seek US$550 million to support refugees, migrants

New York, US (PANA) - The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and its partners
on Tuesday appealed to donors for US$550 million to support the ongoing humanitarian
response for 2016 in aid of refugees and migrants across the world.

A UNHCR statement obtained by PANA in New York, stated: "It is clear this humanitarian
emergency will continue, at least into 2016, requiring a consistent response throughout
Europe with coordinated government policies and complementary humanitarian

It said: "The diversity of those on the move, including the young and the old, single men
and women as well as families, victims of trafficking and gender based violence, and
people from different nationalities and backgrounds means that individuals face different
immediate needs based upon their specific vulnerabilities, and this poses a further
challenge to already overstretched authorities."

It disclosed that, about half the funds will be allocated for Greece, which has borne the
brunt of an influx that saw more than 1 million refugees and migrants pour into Europe
across the Mediterranean last year, half a million of them Syrians escaping war in their
country, with Afghans accounting for 20 per cent and Iraqis for seven per cent.

The statement noted that the UNHCR was joined in the appeal by the International
Organization for Migration (IOM) and some 65 other organizations.

It said that humanitarian operations in 2016 will provide aid and protection activities
where people are arriving, including identifying those at heightened risk.

They will also include registration, shelter, water and sanitation, and bolstering
capacities for front-line responders such as coast guard, border guards, police, as
well as support for affected communities. Help with relocation and resettlement are
also covered by the appeal.

With global forced displacement at a record high of some 60 million people and
increasingly impacting countries of the Global North, around 850,000 of the more
than 1 million refugees and migrants who poured into Europe in 2015 crossed from
Turkey to Greece by boat, with at least 3,735 more believed drowned.

It said that a smaller number crossed from North Africa to Italy, and most of
those who arrived in Greece continued through the Balkans towards Austria,
Germany, Sweden and other countries.
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