UN: Report on economic transformation to realize women's rights launched

New York, US (PANA) - A new report on how to transform economies to realize women's rights has been launched by the UN agency for gender equality (UN Women).

The report, entitled: "Progress of the World's Women", which was launched in New York by UN Women's Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri, unveiled new policies to make gender equality a reality.

It called on the global community to imagine that at the current pace of progress, a girl born today will be an 81-year-old grandmother before she has the same chance as a man to be at the head of a company.

It also asked: Why aren't the global and local economies working for women?

UN Women noted that throughout the world, there was evidence that girls are routinely outperforming boys in mathematics and reading, but the irony is that globally, across regions, women are struggling to find work.

The UN agency said the report documented the ways in which current economic and social policies are failing women in rich and poor countries alike, and asked what the economy would look like if it truly worked for women.
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