UN: Concerns over new Ebola cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone

New York, US (PANA) - The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) have raised concerns about challenges in engaging communities to win the fight against the Ebola disease.

WHO and UNMEER raised the concern following new incidents of Ebola in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The UN said late Thursday in New York that both WHO and UN Ebola Mission also noted that unsafe burials of those who died from Ebola posed a challenge and that,"a significant number" of individuals are still either unable or reluctant to seek treatment for Ebola, which has affected over 23,500 people and killed more than 9,500 mainly in the Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

WHO reported that new cases in Guinea continued to arise from "unknown chains of transmission", and that transmission remained "widespread in Sierra Leone", but transmission continued at very low levels in Liberia, with 1 new confirmed case reported in the 7 days to 22 Feb. associated with a known chain of transmission.

"Engaging effectively with communities remains a challenge in several geographical areas, and nearly one-third of prefectures in Guinea reported at least one security incident in the week to 22 Feb., often as a result of rumours and misinformation linking response efforts with the spread of EVD (Ebola Virus Disease)," it said.

Meanwhile, UNMEER reported that the border between Guinea and Liberia re-opened to the
public on Wednesday after months of closure.

The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Ebola, Dr. David Nabarro, last week told the UN General Assembly that the final phase of "getting to zero" cases may well be the hardest, saying the hunt to track down the virus is  "like looking for needles in haystacks."
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