UN: 'Darfur crisis can be resolved through dialogue, negotiation'

New York, US (PANA) - The UN/AU envoy in Darfur, Mr. Mohammed Iban Chambas, has stressed that it is only through dialogue and negotiation that the crisis in the Sudanese region can be resolved.

A brief UN statement issued in New York, said Mr. Chambas made this known at a news conference in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, on Thursday.

He said in 2013, the conflict in Darfur surpassed a decade with a steep escalation of inter-communal conflict and fighting between government forces and armed movements.

"My message from the beginning has been unequivocal in that after 10 years of conflict, after 10 years of violence and the military option, it is clear that war cannot resolve the conflict in Darfur, and to truly meet the needs of the people one espouses to represent, the way forward is only through dialogue and negotiation," he stated.

Mr. Chambas also pointed out that 16 of UN personnel lost their lives in the line of duty in attacks against peacekeepers.

He also said UNAMID will continue to protect civilians and support negotiations to resolve the crisis in Darfur which started with fighting between rebels and government forces in 2003.

Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to have been killed and close to two million others have been displaced of whom over one million live in internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps.
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