UK: Future British King, ex-PM embroiled in FIFA scandal

London, England (PANA) - The British future king, Prince William, and the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, are embroiled in yet another corruption scandal over England’s failed bid for the 2018 World Cup.

The former Prime Minister, Cameron, and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, are accused of various improper lobbying methods to secure the 2018 World Cup, according to an official FIFA report leaked on Tuesday

Eventually, the lobbying contest was won by Russia, in yet another questionable decision, it said.

The FIFA report suggests that the UK lobbying team arranged a vote-swapping deal with South Korea, in exchange for support for Seoul’s 2022 bid, secured eventually by Qatar.

Another move involved the promise of knighthood and an audience with the Queen for the President of the South American Football Confederation, Nicolas Leoz.

Other lobbying perks included jobs for the son of Jack Warner, the vice president and president of North, Central American and Caribbean football confederation, at the time.

To secure his vote, the UK government also covered a stay in Sheffield for the Trinidad & Tobago Under-20 team.

Warner has since been arrested and charged by the FBI in the United States and is facing money-laundering charges. His adopted son, Richard Sebro, moved on to find work at Tottenham, Wembley, and Aston Villa.

Finally, England arranged a 2011 friendly match with Thailand, the proceeds of which would remain in Thailand. When England lost the bid to Russia in 2010, the friendly match was canceled.
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