Two Nobel Prize winners to attend Africa, Diaspora forum

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Nobel Prize winners Frederick de Klerk of South Africa and Wole Soyinka of Nigeria will represent the Nobel Prize winners from Africa at a gala Wednesday night in their honour ahead of the conference of intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora that opens here Thursday.
Billed the "Nobel Gala", the event was intended to bring together the Nobel Prize winners from the African continent around Nelson Mandela, himself a winner of the prestigious award, to put out a call for peace in Africa.
Konare told a news conference that some of the Nobel Prize winners who were invited could not come due to their age, adding: "They have difficulty to travel, which explains why only two of them are present".
He, however, noted that of importance was that fact that "the Nobel Prize winners have all accepted to put out a call for peace in Africa," adding, "The need for peace is fundamental in Africa.
" Konare clarified that the conference of intellectuals was not one for African heads of state, even though a few leaders of the continent were invited to grace the occasion.
He announced that African Union Chairman Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria would chair the opening ceremony along with host President Abdoulaye Wade.

06 october 2004 22:48:00

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