Tunisian peacekeepers arrive in Kinshasa

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- A contingent of 250 Tunisian soldiers, who are among the first armed peacekeepers in the UN Observer Mission to Congo (MONUC), have arrived in Kinshasa where they would take up positions at the airport and surrounding areas.
They are replacing the Zimbabwean troops withdrawing in keeping with the Lusaka cease-fire agreement.
UN mission sources said the Tunisians would also protect MONUC installations in Kingabwe.
Their arrival brings to 2000 men, the number of UN peacekeeping troops in DR Congo, after the deployment of Moroccan troops in Kisangani (Eastern Province), a Senegalese contingent in Kananga (West Kasai) and Uruguay troops in Goma (North-Kivu) and Kalemie (Katanga).

23 may 2001 10:57:00

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