Tunisian journalists' trade unions set to fight corruption in media

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - Tunisian Journalists' Trade Union (SNJT) and the general news trade union (SGI) have reaffirmed their strong determination to fight corruption in the media sector and guarantee transparency in the financing of broadcasting houses.

In a joint declaration on Tuesday at the end of their meeting, the two unions said they are determined to fight money laundering and interference by mafia-style of terrorism in the sector.

In addition, they condemned and rejected the denigration campaigns targeting them, stating that those campaigns will not deviate them from the process of reforming the sector and defending the rights of the citizens access free and pluralist information.

The meeting agreed to set up a joint commission for accelerating work on the corruption dossiers and a second joint technical commission to examine all bills regulating the sector.

The trade unions urged the government to withdraw the bill governing the establishment of a permanent broadcasting body which, according to them, represents a threat to the freedom of information and expression.


20 février 2018 18:13:22

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