Tunisia's news agency lashes out against RSF

Tunis- Tunisia (PANA) -- Tunisian News Agency has vehemently protested against the Paris-based media watchdog 'Reporters Sans Frontieres' (RSF) for orchestrating the occupation of the premises of the Tunisian Tourist Board in Paris in an attempt to secure the release a detained human rights activist, Sihem Ben Sedrine.
In a dispatch Thursday, TAP decried the violence used in the occupation process as well as the damage caused on the premises.
RSF has launched a campaign for the release of Sihem Ben Sedrine, who was arrested Tuesday shortly after he arrived in Tunis from London.
TAP described RSF Secretary General, Robert Menard, as "an agitator and anarchist".
"This criminal act is a reflection of the resentment Robert Menard and his accomplices harbour against Tunisia and their declared hostility to the interests of its people (Tunisians).
" Meanwhile, a court has opened a judicial inquiry for "contempt of court" and "breach of court order", against Ben Sedrine's wife for a broadcast she allegedly made on 17 June on the Arabic channel "Al Moustaquilla".

29 june 2001 09:45:00

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