Tunisia: Two National Guard officers killed in standoff

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - A Tunisian National Guard officer and about four terrorists were killed Monday night in clashes between the police and an armed group in Raoued suburb, in the north of the capital, Tunis, Tunisian Home Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said.

He said members of the armed group, who were surrounded since Monday afternoon in a seaside house in the Tunis suburb, put up a fierce resistant but were subdued by the police and special forces.

The spokesman said the insurgents were ''very dangerous'' and that they carried explosives, explosive belts and weapons.

Nearly 24 hours after, the spokesman told PANA that the operation was still ongoing, in a bid to "capture them alive or, failing that, to kill them".

Hundreds of National Guards troops, supported by armoured vehicles, were deployed all along the Raoued area which has been cordoned off.

04 february 2014 15:25:25

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