Tunisia: Flights between Libya, Tunisia resume

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) – Flights between Tunisia and Libya resumed officially on Friday with a flight of Air Gadamech, which left from the al-Maatia international airport of Tripoli to Carthage international airport of Tunis, after one year of interruption, sources told PANA.

The Tunisian ministry of Transport on Tuesday announced the reopening of the Tunisian air space for Libyan airlines to carry out commercial flights and others in a bid to carry passengers from all Libyan airports to Tunisian airports.

The Tunisian ministry of Transport said the decision came after a series of talks between the civil aviation services from the two countries and also after investigations carried out by a team of civil aviation technicians on air safety and security at Libyan airports, located in both the east and south.

This was in a bid to determine if the Libyan airport platform met the criteria on air safety and security applied at the international level.
The Tunisian authorities on 21 August last year closed the Tunisian air space to all flights to and from the Libyan airports because of the insecurity prevailing in those airports.
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