Tunis to host Arab Ssmmit in late March

Tunis- Tunisia (PANA) -- An Arab summit will be held here from 29-30 March, a Tunisian official source revealed in Tunis Friday.
The official announced the forthcoming summit after the country's foreign minister, Habib Ben Yahia, had briefed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali about his recent tour of the Middle East.
The Tunisian ministered toured several Arab capitals to drum-up support for the upcoming summit devoted to a number of burning issues in the Arab world.
Various sources had hinted the said summit could be transferred from Tunis to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt due to divergences over the agenda.
Tunisia is the current chair of the Arab League.
The summit is expected to revise the Pan-Arab organisation's charter and examine issues related to the Middle East and the prevailing situation in Iraq.
According to sources, the charter will be changed so that a majority of 22 Arab League member states will be required before a decision is adopted.
Arab League decisions are usually adopted unanimously.
Tunis "expects the summit to open wider prospects for a greater harmony, solidarity and co-operation among the Arab nations," the source said.
"During its yearlong mandate at the head of the Pan-African body, Tunisia will spare no efforts to ensure its methods and mechanisms serve the causes of the Arab world and give an impetus to the Middle east peace process for the realisation of a fair, inclusive and lasting peace in the region," the source added.

13 february 2004 23:38:00

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