Tripoli hosts workshop on rights of HIV-infected children

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- A workshop on the rights of children suffering from HIV/ AIDS started here Wednesday under the theme "Together for life," with over 150 p a rticipants, including lawyers and specialists from the country's various regions , PANA reported.
The meeting, organised by the Libyan National Center of Prevention and Fight Aga inst Endemic and Transmittable Diseases, in collaboration with the Libyan Societ y for Safe Childhood and the country office of the United Nations Development Pro g ramme (UNDP) in Libya, will last two days.
The agenda of the meeting focuses on several themes relating to basic data on th e AIDS pandemic, as well as the situation of HIV-positive children and the issue of stigmatization against them.
The workshop will also address the legitimate rights of children suffering from AIDS, local legislations and the Child Rights Charter.

24 december 2009 20:19:00

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