Tripoli hosts forum on people living with HIV/AIDS

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - A forum that brings together people living with HIV/AIDS and their families opened on Saturday in Tripoli on the initiative of the Libyan Association "Al-Tahadi" in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the Libyan Centre against diseases.

The objective of the forum is to better understand the problems faced by people with HIV/AIDS and their families in order to find a solution to them.

Libya in 2009 had 11,152 people infected with HIV/AIDS, or a prevalence rate of 0.13 per cent, according to the statistics issued by the Libyan Centre against diseases. Between 50 and 80 per cent of the new cases recorded in Libya have been caused by use of narcotic drugs through injection.

The participants have decided to deal with matters notably about the treatment and difficulties faced by people with HIV/AIDS to get permanent care and a medical follow-up of their state.

The health assistance needed by people with HIV/AIDS such as tooth care, general surgery and endoscopy as well as marriage and its importance in their integration in society, high morale to fight against the pandemic are on the agenda of the forum.

The meeting is also discussing the importance of creating jobs for people with HIV/AIDS and providing preventive treatment to pregnant women with the disease and to children.
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