Tripoli commends initiative by US group

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Libya has commended an initiative by a US pharmaceutical group, Fayser, to distribute free of charge HIV/AIDS drugs to 50 poor countries.
Libyan foreign ministry officials described the initiative as "a positive response" to the Libyan leader, Col.
Muammar Kadhafi's call during last April's African Summit on AIDS held in Abuja.
At that conference, Col.
Kadhafi called on the US and Western governments, as well as Japan, to provide treatment to people infected with the virus.
He also called on pharmaceutical companies in America and Europe to donate some portion of their profits to purchase and distribute free AIDS drugs to the needy.
Reacting to the initiative, Libyan minister of information and culture Hassouna Chawishe Thursday said Libya would co-operate with the US group and other companies to ensure that Kadhafi's call continues to receive a positive response.

05 july 2001 12:27:00

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