Traditional healers need education on HIV/AIDS

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- The head of the Traditional and Alternative Medicines Directorate at the Ministry of Health, Nana Offei Agyen-Tutu III, on Friday called for education of traditional healers about HIV/AIDS.
He told the Ghana News Agency that the directorate has noticed that most of those healers are ignorant about the symptoms and causes of the disease but claim to be treating AIDS patients.
Nana Agyen-Tutu said though some traditional healers claim to have had a cure for the disease this has not been substantiated with scientific proof.
There should be proof such as data collection on stages of progress of patients before and after medication, among other things.
Some traditional healers, he said, tell their patients they have been cured after noticing signs of improvement in their health.
These patients then go round spreading the disease without knowing.
He said his outfit would organise and give them training on the disease, to include record keeping and management as well as the need to allow their patients to undergo testing at orthodox hospitals to prove that they have been cured.
"The disease as we know has no cure and we are hoping that somebody one day will find a cure to this deadly disease.
"We need to encourage traditional healers to produce the best, but in a more scientific way since traditional medicine has the potential of curing many diseases.
"The drugs that we hear of only reduce the symptoms and pain of the disease and are not a total cure of it," he observed.
Nana Agyen-Tutu called on traditional healers who claim to have the cure to send their medicine for the necessary scientific testing and investigations before using it.

20 july 2001 21:23:00

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