Trade union welcomes anti-AIDS drugs breakthrough

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has welcomed the move by the South African Chamber of Business and Anglo-American to provide cheap anti-AIDS drugs to suffering employees.
Cosatu said it viewed the move as a huge step by the business sector in the fight against the pandemic.
"HIV/AIDS is having a devastating economic impact in this country; hence there is need for all sectors to stand up and intensify the battle against it.
"We therefore note with appreciation the effort by other business sectors in this battle.
We further agree with the National Union of Mineworkers that companies should not only focus on drug issue - but the general approach to the problem, such as changing the behaviour towards HIV/AIDS sufferers in the workplace," said Cosatu spokesman Siphiwe Mgcina.
He said business should know that sustenance of good emotional well being of employees living with HIV/AIDS is as crucial to good production as provision of medical treatment.
"Our view is that the two cannot function without each other.
It is therefore important that companies should supplement their medical provision with counselling units," Mgcina added.

08 may 2001 16:43:00

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