Togo prepares for CEN-SAD Summit

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The secretary general of CEN-SAD (the Sahel-Saharan States Community), Dr Mohamed Al-Madani Al-Azhari and visiting Togolese Premier Edem Kodjo on Wednesday examined preparations for the 9th ordinary session of the CEN-SAD summit scheduled in the Togolese capital, Lome.
Their meeting in Tripoli also helped them to assess progress on the implementation of decisions taken during the 8th CEN-SAD ordinary session held in Tripoli in July.
Edem Kodjo reiterated the esteem and praise his country has for the role Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi continues to play in the stability and national reconciliation process in Togo.

27 Julho 2006 17:30:00

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