Togo launch school reproductive health project

Lome- Togo (PANA) -- Population Health International has launched a communication project aimed at improving knowledge of reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases among Togolese school children.
Under the project dubbed "Agbelenko" (life ahead) a vast campaign would be conducted to fight against sexually transmitted infections (STI), HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies within the country's schools.
Some 160 pupils will be trained as "peer educators" to conduct the campaign, whose focus is on urban centres.
Its activities would start in Lome and in Kpalime, 110-km Northwest of Lome.
The task of the peer educators would be to distribute condoms to their colleagues who cannot abstain or encourage them to visit reference clinics.
According to the project initiators, the long-term objective is to cover the whole of Togo as a way of curbing HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and improve the reproductive health of adolescents.
Launching the project, the Togolese public health minister, Prof.
Kondi Charles Agba, stressed that the fight against AIDS was a collective endeavour.

06 may 2001 16:05:00

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