Togo gets new government

Lome- Togo (PANA) -- The new Togolese Prime Minister, Yawovi Agboyibo, on Wednesday formed a government comprising 35 ministers, including a few opposition leaders.
Among the opposition leaders, who entered this government of national unity, feature Léopold Messan Gnininvi, leader of the Democratic Convention of African Peoples (CDPA) who occupies the position of minister of mining and energy, while his deputy in the party, Martin Adimado Aduayom, heads the higher education and research ministry.
The party of Prime Minister Yawovi Agboyibo, in particular the Committee of Action for Renewal (CAR), gets the position of minister of communication and civic function, led by the first vice-president of the party, Georges Gahoun Hegbor.
As for Arthème Séléagodji Ahumey-Zunu, the Deputy Secretary General of the Panafrican Patriotic Convergence (CPP) of the former Prime Minister Edem Kodjo, he heads the ministry of territorial administration to replace Katary Foli-Bazi, one of the younger barons of the Togolese People's Rally (Ruling RPT).
The ministry of human rights and democracy is entrusted with Mrs Célestine Akouavi Aïdam, president of the Group Women, Democracy and Development (GF2D, civil society).
This new government of national unity has, however, been boycotted by the Union of the opposition Forces of Change (UFC) led by Gilchrist Olympio.
However, a member of UFC, in particular, its first vice- president, Amah Gnassingbe, disregarded the watchword of the UFC by entering the government with the portfolio of senior minister.
The new government of national unity comprises 35 members including the Prime Minister as against 29 in the previous one led by Edem Kodjo.
It is noted that 18 ministers of the former government are kept in the new team, five have changed posts and thirteen have kept their portfolios.
Moreover, twelve departures including those of Suzanne Aho (Health), Kokou Tozoun (Communication) and Agouta Ouyenga (Youth and Sports) who were ministers since the last government of Gnassingbe Eyadéma (died on 5 February 2005), were recorded.
The new government comprises four senior ministers as against two previously, and five women as against four in the former team.
Appointed on 16 September, Mr Yawovi Agboyibo, CAR Chairman formed this government of national unity, which greets all political parties having taken part in the political dialogue.
Gilchrist Olympio, who confirmed that his party would not enter the government, arguing that the position of Prime Minister should be devolved on his political party, is the only one to boycott the new team.

20 septembre 2006 23:33:00

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