Togo: ECOWAS Court to sit in Togo 10-14 Feb.

Lomé, Togo (PANA) - The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice will sit from 10 to 14 February in Lome, the Togolese capital, PANA learned Friday from judicial sources.

During the sitting, the Court will examine five cases from Mali, one from Cote d'Ivoire, two each from Senegal and Ghana, three from Gambia, four from Nigeria and one from the ECOWAS Commission.

Among the cases concerning from Gambia is that of journalist Deyda Hydara, whose murderers have yet to be arrested.

The Court, which rotates its sitting among the 15 member countries, comprises seven independent Judges appointed by the Authority of Heads of State of Government from nationals of member states for a four-year term of office, upon the recommendation of the Community Judicial council.

07 february 2014 11:43:48

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