Togo: AfDB provides US$ 1 million for rural electrification in Togo

Lome, Togo (PANA) - The African Sustainable Energy Fund (SEFA), hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB), has approved a US$ 975,000 grant to the Togo to enable it to start the project "CIZO", devoted to rural electrification off-grid by domestic solar kits in PAYGO mode.

The first phase of the rural electrification program "CIZO" (which means "enlightening" in mina, one of the main languages ​​of Togo), aims to create conditions conducive to attracting the private sector (notably decentralized energy service operators).

According to the media channel of the AfDB, the project is expected to enable the deployment of 300,000 individual solar equipment in 5 years in the PAYGO mode, in remote rural areas and sparsely populated, using mobile payment technologies.

The CIZO project is based on two pillars: (i) the implementation of a national IT platform to aggregate the instant payment functionality (DESCO, MNO) and the collection of data on the energy needs of their consumption habits and their solvency; and (ii) building capacity to provide sales, installation and maintenance of solar kits in rural areas.

Under the "CIZO" program, SEFA's intervention will make it possible to (i) set up a national network of mobile payment agents (recruitment and training) to enable PAYGO operations by making electronic money available in the most remote rural communities and (ii) create a solar academy in each region. Its mission will be the training and certification of local technicians.

Beyond the ambition to raise the rural electrification rate from 6% to 35%, the "CIZO" initiative aims to encourage the mass adoption of mobile payment solutions in rural areas to facilitate the inclusion Rural populations.

"We are pleased to support Togo's rural electrification program, CIZO, aimed at providing an adequate solution to remote and sparsely populated localities. Funding provided by the SEFA fund will enable capacity building and the implementation of service infrastructure required for the deployment of large-scale solar kits. This is to prepare the market for the private sector," explained Ousseynou Nakoulima, Director of the ADB's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Department.

The project is part of AfDB's 10-year strategy (2013-2022) for inclusive growth, green growth and support for private investment, as well as for its energy policy.

In addition, it contributes to the New Partnership on Energy for Africa through its impact on access to energy. The project is also in line with the Togolese Government's policy and sectoral strategies, notably the Community Development Emergency Program (2016-2018) and the SCAPE 2013-2017 development strategy aimed at improving the rate Electrification of the country through a greater role for renewable energies.

SEFA is a multilateral trust fund that promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency, including supporting small and medium-sized private sector projects. It aims to encourage the transition to greener and more inclusive growth models. SEFA is funded by the governments of Denmark, the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy.
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