Togo: "False alert" raised on suspected Ebola carrier from Benin

Lomé, Togo (PANA) – The Togolese health authorities have described as "false alert", the case of a passenger from Benin suspected by drivers at a motor park as suffering from the Ebola disease, reliable sources told PANA here Tuesday.

Prof. Gado Napo-Koura, Secretary General of the Togolese health ministry, said that a 40-year-old man from Benin, who arrived at the Agbalépédogan park, northern Lomé, was suspected Saturday by drivers to be a sufferer.

Alerted, the Ebola cell of the Togolese capital reacted promptly by taking care of the "patient" at the isolation centre of the University Hospital Centre (CHU Campus) of Lomé.

Napo-Koura said that after investigations, the patient was only suffering from hypertension and had nose bleeding but did not have fever or present other Ebola symptoms.

Eyewitnesses said they suspected the passenger because he said Guinea, where the epidemic broke out, was among the countries he visited in the past four years.

He was in Dapaong (Northern Togo) for two weeks, stayed several months in neighbouring Burkina Faso, more than a year in Mali and had been to Guinea four years ago.

The Togolese health authorities, who confirm that Togo had not yet recorded any case of Ebola, are worried over the chances of the disease hitting Togo, especially after the death in Nigeria of a Liberian patient five days after travelling through Lomé.

The Togolese Health ministry had, since March, taken measures to ward off the disease, reminding the populations of the need to adhere to personal hygiene like washing hands with soap and avoid the consumption of meat from animals such as rat, mouse, monkey and bat.

In early July, WHO had offered Togo 500 kits of anti-Ebola materials within the framework of the prevention against the virus which broke out in West Africa nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
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