Technical committee on Arusha agreement set up

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundi has set up a technical committee in charge of drafting bills for the inter-Burundian peace agreement whose work started on Thursday in Bujumbura.
The committee is made up of 10 senior magistrates whose chairman is Eugene Nindorera, the Burundian minister in charge of human rights and relations with the parliament.
The committee has been given three months to complete its work as provided for in the Arusha agreement.
The draft bills will then be submitted to the government for parliament's approval, according to Nindorera.
The draft bills relate to, among other issues, the transitional constitutional arrangements, the transitional parliament and senate, the amendment of the act on political parties, temporary immunity for politicians and others allegedly involved in genocide and other crimes against humanity as well as suspected war criminals.
"People are eager to join the government and other national institutions, but nothing can be done without this legal framework," Nindorera told the press.

17 may 2001 22:34:00

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