Taylor still cold about attending ECOWAS summit

Monrovia- Liberia (PANA) -- In spite of some diplomatic prodding from Malian President and chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Alpha Konare Monday, President Charles Taylor of Liberia looks bent on shunning the upcoming ECOWAS summit in Dakar.
Taylor told journalists at Monrovia international airport where he and Konare met, that he could not attend the summit given the prevailing situation in Liberia.
Taylor said he had briefed Konare on recent developments in the fighting between government and dissident forces in the north of the country.
He maintained that Foreign Affairs minister Monie Captan would represent Liberia at the summit.
President Konare told journalists he was in Liberia to discuss bilateral and sub-regional issues with his Liberian counterpart.
Taylor first hinted he would stay away from the 20-20 December Dakar summit last week, when an envoy from host President Abdoulaye Wade delivered a special invitation to the Liberian leader.

17 december 2001 17:08:00

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