Tanzania: Deadly ethnic clashes in South Darfur draw concern of UNAMID

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) – The African Union–United Nations Mission in Darfur on Friday expressed deep concern over reports of escalating tensions and confrontations between the Reizegat and the Habaniya ethnic communities in South Darfur.

Clashes between the two communities on 14 July claimed dozens of lives and caused injuries on both sides, according to a press release issued from UNAMID headquarters in El Fasher, main town of the restive Darfur region in western Sudan.

Attributing its report to various sources, the statement said that the fighting was allegedly triggered by a cattle rustling incident in which both communities had mobilized their fighters.

In an effort towards calm, UNAMID has strongly urged “the leaders and members of both communities to exercise maximum restraint, engage in meaningful dialogue to resolve their disputes and refrain from all acts that would lead to further intensification of violence, loss of life and potential displacement of innocent persons.”

The Mission said it was closely monitoring the situation for detailed updates, including the actual cause of the clash and number of casualties.

Meanwhile, UNAMID continues to do its utmost, within its capability and mandate, to protect affected civilians, facilitate and support all efforts by the Government of Sudan, native administration, leaders of both communities and other key stakeholders to de-escalate the tensions and achieve reconciliation between the Reizegat and the Habaniya.
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