Tanzania: Car bomb attack kills 4 in Mogadishu

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) – Four persons, believed to be Somalis, were killed when a car bomb hit a UN convoy near Mogadishu International Airport early Wednesday, according to reports by various agencies.

The UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has confirmed that a car bomb detonated at approximately 09.40 am in the vicinity of a UN convoy travelling near the airport.

"Thankfully no injuries to UN staff have been reported and all UN personnel have now been accounted for," the Mission said in a brief statement on the incident. "Sadly, we have had reports of casualties amongst bystanders and security personnel."

According to the statement, UNSOM was cooperating with the authorities in Somalia as they investigated the attack.

Al-Shabaab militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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03 december 2014 15:24:31

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